Thursday, October 10, 2013

Introducing Our Incoming History Majors, Part VI: Brian Roth

   Well, my name is Brian Roth. I’m from Syracuse, NY and a graduate of Jamesville-DeWitt High School. I have been interested in history since about 2nd grade, and I used to be really into the Civil War back in elementary school. Starting in 4th grade, I became interested in sports, especially the Syracuse University basketball team. After that, my passion for sports turned into a full blown obsession when I was introduced to the Buffalo Bills in 5th grade. Since then, my interest in sports, particularly sports history has far outgrown my interest in regular history. However, history was always my strongest subject in school. 
          In high school, I played three sports, Football, Wrestling (quit after sophomore year), and Track & Field. In my senior year, our football team started out 9-0 before losing in the Sectional final. In my last year of Track, I threw 43.9 feet in the shot put to finish third in my section. 
          So as you can tell I’m really into sports, but I am also quite interested in music as well. My main interests are the Grateful Dead, Phish, and classic rock from the late 60’s and early 70’s. But Phish is probably my favorite band and their live shows are actually quite awesome. I went to my first Phish show over the summer in Saratoga Springs, NY and it was a great experience. It was almost like going to a rave but with much better music, and all the people are nice. So that’s basically who I am.

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