Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More from One of Our Incoming Freshmen: Eric Dawson

My name is Eric Dawson and I have always had an infatuation with history. My love for history started in elementary school when we were learning about the pilgrims in first grade. I found it to be extremely interesting and ever since then I have always tried to learn more and more about history. Originally I wanted to go to college for computer science and I was looking at many schools for that. My junior year teacher was really the reason why I changed my mind. Although I had always enjoyed history, most of the teachers made their classes really dry, so I never considered it to be something I would want do in college. My junior year teacher made learning history very easy and enjoyable. A combination of this and a growing distaste for computer science, I decided to enter college as a history major. As far as choosing Bonaventure as a school, many factors went into consideration. First of all, Bonaventure has a very extensive alumni community that could help me find a job easily after college. Secondly, a lot of my friends from high school were coming here, so I thought it would be nice to have people I know when I started at a new school. Lastly, the campus of St. Bonaventure is wonderful. Not too big but it has the feel of a division one school. I had never heard a bad thing about Bonaventure from the many people I have met that went here, so I decided to attend here this fall.

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