Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Meet New History Major Dillinger Perez

My name is Dillinger Perez. I am from Springfield, Massachusetts and I attended Wilbraham Monson Academy for high school. The reason I chose to be a history major is because since I was a boy I was fascinated by the past from Napoleon to Genghis Khan. I always wanted to know more about the past and the reasons why certain things are the way they are today. My favorite history subject has always been World War II. I say World War II because there is nothing else like it in history. The sheer amount of manpower, material, technological advances, and sadly the amount of deaths have rarely been seen in warfare. My goals as a history major at Bona's is to learn as much as I can about the subject I love, so one day I can be a teacher and help other kids learn about some of the greatest stories ever told that are true.

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