Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Congrats Mason!

Congratulations to our History & Secondary Ed. Major, Mason Kelley, the 2019 Constitution Day Jeopardy Champion and the firstcontestant to win back-to-back championships! Mason fended off challenges from Grace Ferris and Bryce Kelly in last night's finals and won a ton of Bona Bucks!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Working for the Robert H. Jackson Center by Ashlee Gray

This summer I had the opportunity to intern for the Robert H. Jackson Center in Jamestown, NY. The Robert H. Jackson Center in a non-profit historical center dedicated Robert H. Jackson, a U.S. Supreme Court Justice and Chief U.S. Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials.

Last summer, the Jackson Center offered an exhibit on Charles Goodell. The exhibit, “A Model for Courage: The Life of Charles E. Goodell,” was put together by Cameron Hurst, a St. Bonaventure student intern. The exhibit was a success, and the Jackson Center wanted to take on another Bonaventure intern to work on a program and exhibit celebrating the life and career of Stan Lundine, former Mayor of Jamestown, U.S. Congressman, and NYS Lieutenant Governor.

I originally heard about the position from St. Bonaventure archivist, Dennis Frank. He recommended me to the Jackson Center and encouraged me to apply. I was a bit hesitant applying for the position for several reasons. The first was distance; I was nervous about making to commute to Jamestown from my hometown of Delevan. It was an hour and fifteen-minute drive and my car, Green Bean, was on her last legs. The second was my lack of self-assurance.  I did not think I had the tools nor the skills to create an entire exhibit and a ten-minute video. Though I was confident in my ability to learn new skills, I was still nervous.

In the end, I decided to apply, and I vowed to give the project my all. I visited the center and met with several Jackson Center staff and board members.  A few weeks later, I was offered the position.
I started working on the project at the end of the spring semester at Bonas. I was able to find a few resources to give me a brief biography of Stan Lundine. In all honesty, I did not know who Stan Lundine was nor did I understand how important he was to the city of Jamestown, the Southern Tier district, and the state of New York. I believe my lack of knowledge on Stan was beneficial. It allowed me to go into the internship with a fresh perspective and the ability to gather information through extensive research rather than previous knowledge.

The first step was to write a biography that I could use for the informational panels in the display portion of the exhibit and as a possible narrative for the documentary. For the first few weeks, I was busy finding articles, book, and newspaper clipping on Stan and watching hours of old video interviews. I reached out to the New York state archives, Fredonia University Archives, and the Fenton Historical Center for more information and materials. After I gathered as much information as I could, I wrote my own biography and began sorting out what items I could use in the display and video.

I also conducted my own video interviews with several people who had previously worked with or for Stan Lundine. This was rather nerve-racking. I had no experience interviewing people. I went to my supervisors at the Jackson Center and asked for advice on how to best conduct the interviews. The first few interviews did not go spectacularly, but by the end, I had learned what questions to ask, how to ask them, and the best way to get a person to open up. It was a great way to practice these skills and, since then, I am more confident in my ability to interview others.
Another challenge I faced was creating the panels for the exhibit. The Jackson Center archives had a Mac desktop and I own a Lenovo laptop. I needed a program that I could use on the Mac at home. That led me to Canva. It is a simple online graphic-design tool that worked on both devices. I taught myself to use Canva by watching tutorials and creating practice panels. The program worked wonderfully, and I made 10 canvas posters for the exhibit.

For the color scheme, I chose the color blue. Details, such as color, were crucial to making the exhibit aesthetically pleasing and I wanted a color that would reflect Stan’s personality and capture his history. During his first Mayoral campaign, Stan assembled a team of prominent individuals to run alongside him and called his team the Blue Ribbon Ticket. Stan is also a Democrat and a Duke University Alumni, so the color blue has been an integral part of his history. The official color of the exhibit is Duke blue because Duke was a special place to Stan and because it would be visually appealing against the cream-colored walls of the exhibit. It was a unique color that made the entire display pop.

After the panels, the next challenge was the video. This was another skill set that I did not have, but I knew that I could learn. I watched several tutorials on iMovie and eventually taught myself how to use the software. Instead of fitting the video interviews to my narrative, I arranged the video clips by a topic and set them in chronological order. I then made my narrative fit the clips to tell Stan’s story. From there, I found various images and video clips to use throughout the film. I had to do a lot of cutting, which was hard, and I eventually cut the video to ten minutes in length and added music.
The trickiest part of the video was choosing the music. I did not want the documentary to sound like an epic movie soundtrack, nor did I want it to sound like elevator music. I spent hours sifting through tracks, looking for a right inspiring tune for each chapter of Stan’s life.

When the video was finished, I was left with roughly five days to paint and spackle the walls, hang up the posters, and fill the space. During the information collection stage of the internship, I gathered a lot of original Stan Lundine campaign material. I found over 50 campaign buttons, 2 hats, 10 bumper stickers, and 1 matchbook with a single match remaining (plus various other materials). I used these items to fill the display cases and arranged the campaign buttons in the shape of New York State. I also had various plaques and several pictures in the collection. My personal favorite item was the Duke University pennant flag. I was setting up the exhibit up until the day before the Stan Lundine Tribute event making sure everything was perfect.

It was not until after the tribute, on my way home, that the full scope of how much I accomplished hit me. I had grown so much in the four months I worked for the Robert H. Jackson Center. I not only refined the skills I learned at Bonas, but I also learned new ones. I also learned to be more confident in myself and understand that I am capable of so much more. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work for the Jackson Center and thankful for the experience.

Board Games in the Library

Tuesday, October 1
11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Lower Seminar Room
Friedsam Memorial Library

Join us for pizza and games.  Destress before midterms.

We'll have a variety of games.  Bring a game.  Stay for a little bit, stay for the entire time.

The past few semesters we've been playing board games near the end of the semester to chill before finals.  This semester we're mixing things up, playing games before midterms.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Meet our New History Majors: Charlie Bridge

My Name is Charlie Bridge I’m from Baldwinsville New York. It’s a small town just outside of Syracuse. I went to Baker High School and played football. I loved playing sports in high school and that led me to making new friends wherever I went. I fell in love with history when I was in 7th grade because my teacher would create lessons around the students, putting us into the history. It always felt like we traveled back in time and the stories of the past were my stories too. Also, my mom always took me to battlefields and historic landmarks. Some of my favorite destinations for history include Boston, Williamsburg, and Gettysburg. 

Over the years in high school I traveled to Europe and became a Magician. I have played my last game of football and accomplished everything that I felt that I set out to do in high school. I knew I wanted to go on to teaching history and coaching. When I came to St. Bonaventure, I knew this was the right place for me because it already felt like home.

Meet our New History Majors: Selena Vazquez

Hello my name is Selena Vazquez. I am a freshman history and international studies double major. I have always been into history, from reading The Magic Treehouse books in elementary school, to wanting to focus on the civil war as my concentration now. I hope in the future to become a museum curator and travel to collect pieces for exhibits all around the globe. I am originally from Lorain, Ohio which is thirty minutes away from Cleveland. In the past I have volunteered to do work for Johnson’s Island, a POW civil war camp, in Sandusky, Ohio. I hope to get even more involved with work like this during my time at St. Bonaventure. 

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Bonas Student Works on Exhibit Opening at Robert H. Jackson Center

From the Jamestown Post-Journal:

A new exhibit is premiering at the Jackson Center to honor the career of a former Jamestown mayor, U.S. Congressman and lieutenant governor of New York. 

On Sunday, "Leading with Integrity & Innovation: Stan Lundine," will open to the public at the Jackson Center, which is also hosting a special event to honor the life and career of Lundine at 5:30 p.m. Sunday at its Carl M. Cappa Theatre. The event is free and open to all.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Lundine's mayoral election, the center will highlight the influence of Lundine's career as the former mayor of Jamestown, Jan. 1, 1970, through March 8, 1976, U.S. Congressman, March 2, 1976, through Dec. 31, 1986, and lieutenant governor of New York, Jan. 1, 1987, through Dec. 31, 1994. He is also the former chair of the Jackson Center's Board of Directors and continues to serve as one of its members.

Ashlee Gray, Jackson Center intern and senior at St. Bonaventure University, created the exhibit and compiled interviews for a short documentary that will be shown at Sunday's event. Gray said she heard at college that the Jackson Center was looking for an intern for the summer.

"They wanted someone to take the reigns on the project this year," she said. "(Lundine) turns 80 years old and its the 50th anniversary of him being elected mayor."
Gray said she is a native of Machias and didn't know much about the history of the city or Lundine.

"Coming here I've learned quite a bit about Jamestown," she said. "I didn't even know who Stan was, but I've learned he is very important to Jamestown, to the Southern Tier and to the whole state of New York."

The event Sunday will include remarks from family, friends and professionals who worked with Lundine or were influenced by him during his almost 50 years in public service.

For more information, call the Jackson Center at 483-6646.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Meet our New History Majors: Ryan Bahret

Hello, my name is Ryan Bahret. I’m from Dutchess County, New York.  I’m a freshman this year and I’m an adolescence education major with a focus in history. I play on the rugby team and I hope to get involved in other intramural sports. The first time I discovered my interest for history was my 8th grade year. I had this teacher named Mr. Testa and he really made is glass very enjoyable and engaging. He would put on popular movies and break them down, explaining every scene as it actually happened in history. Apart from that he was a very relatable guy and an excellent teacher. From then on, I genuinely enjoyed history throughout the rest of my high school career and decided to continue my love for history through college.

Meet our New History Majors: Donald States

Hello everybody, my name is Donald States, but you can call me Don. I am currently a freshman at St Bonaventure University, and I will be majoring in Adolescence Education with a concentration in Social Studies. I am from a small town in Pennsylvania called Pennsburg where I attended Upper Perkiomen High School. Some of the hobbies I enjoy includes playing sports with my friends, driving around with friends, and listening to music. 
The reason why I chose to become an education major with a focus on history was because of my 8th grade teacher who was very inspiring to me. He always made class very fun, interesting, and never made anyone disappointed. I hope to pursue my career in Adolescence education and become a future high school history teacher.

Meet our New History Majors: Liam Hart

My name is Liam Hart, I am a history major from Grand Island, NY. I fell in love with history at a very young age because of my father. It really started when he would tell me stories about stuff like our family history and the history of the United States. He would also show me TV shows about history such as: Band of Brothers, Turn, and a bunch of random shows on the history channel from time to time. My favorite time periods to learn about is the American Revolutionary era and the Napoleonic era, I find them both to be very fascinating and exciting to learn about.

I went to Grand Island high school, there I played one year of JV football and two years of Varsity football. I also played Varsity baseball my senior year. As a freshman and sophomore, I took AP world history. As a junior I took AP U.S. History as well as College Spanish. I am currently attending St. Bonaventure University, while here I plan on getting a degree in history. I am looking forward to spending time here and learning more and more about history, as well as meet new people and make new friends.

Meet our New History Majors: Matthew Wing

My name is Matthew Wing. I am from Boston Massachusetts and I am a History major as well as a member of the Rugby team here at St. Bonaventure. I have always had an interest in history. It all began when high school when we were learning about ancient histories like the Peloponnesian War and the Rise and Fall of Rome. Other than learning about history in the classroom I have also been able to visit many historical places here in America some which are local such as the grounds from the battle of Lexington and Concord. And other areas such as Gettysburg and the multitude of monuments in Washington D.C. I don't exactly know what I want to do with my history degree but I do know that I want to further my knowledge and love for history here at St. Bonaventure.

Meet our New History Major: Robert Scheurer

Hello, my name is Robert Scheurer, and I am an incoming freshman at Saint Bonaventure University. I’d like to share a little about myself and why I chose to be a history major.

I was born in New York City, but was raised in Cranford, a small town in northern New Jersey. From an early age, I was fascinated by stories. I began to read, and by the time I was four I could read well enough on my own. I loved anything I could get my hands on, consuming information like a junkie. From dinosaurs to the Titanic, I loved to learn. This led to me joining the Cub Scouts in Kindergarten, which ended with me as an Eagle Scout and a veteran of Philmont Scout Ranch. I went to St. Peter’s Preparatory School in Jersey City for high school and earned several varsity letters in football and rugby. I was a member of the Celtic Club and Italian Club. Currently, I am on the St. Bonaventure Rugby team and am looking forward to joining the history club.

My dad really got me into history, as he enjoys to study history as a hobby. My favorite areas to study are especially European and American history during the 20th century, specifically military history. I am looking forward to studying and honing my skills in these fields.

Meet our New History Majors: Joshua Sweeney

My name is Joshua Sweeney, I am a history major at St. Bonaventure University. I have always wanted to be a history teacher for a few years now since I was in 7th grade, my history teacher of American history was so interactive with his students and was a big sports fan, so I really connected with him and started my urge to want to be a history teacher, then it continued with another teacher and so on, proceeding to involve myself with AP history courses I still kept my passion. It has always been my passion and I look forward to further developing that passion in this class here at SBU. I have played football and lacrosse in high school, And will be playing on the SBU club lacrosse team, And I look forward to furthering my education here at SBU.

Meet our New History Majors: Hayden Robinson

My name is Hayden Robinson. Before attending St. Bonaventure, I was an athlete in many sports including basketball, football, baseball, and BMX racing. After reaching high school, the only sport I would continue to pursue is basketball, however BMX is where I achieved the most success. In 2011 I became the number one BMX rider in my age group in the United States and my success on the BMX track gave me the opportunity to visit many different places including Columbia, France, and Las Vegas to name a few. As a senior in high school, I was captain of the basketball team and played very well that season. I had the choice of playing basketball in college, however I decided to focus on my education and college degree. During high school I excelled in all of my history classes. Seeing history was my best subject, I felt majoring in history for college would be a good path. Along with majoring in history, I decided to minor in education. Currently, I could see myself as a great high school teacher that all students would like. However, I am open to changing my major at any given point if I don’t feel comfortable with it anymore. Seeing many college students have a change of heart and move to a different area of study gives me a better attitude towards it. I hope to have a great four years at St. Bonaventure University as I learn and experience many great things while I am here.