Thursday, October 20, 2011

Special Topics

As scholars we all have areas that we bore into as we write books and articles. A lot of times this passion shows up in the classroom in ways that doesn't show up in the catalog or on mysbu. For example, you won't find a class on scandalous 1920s presidents listed under my name. However, we make room for this in various classes, including the seminars and special topics courses. History 100: First Year Seminar is a place this happens, which Dr. Robbins is currently teaching. The Advanced Reading Courses, History 491 and 492, is another place. This semester, Dr. DeVido is focusing the readings on Religion, Protest, and the Politics of Change. The newest member of the department is adding new courses. Dr. Marinari is teaching a special topics course on immigration and ethnicity. I'm teaming up with Paul Spaeth to teach a special topics course on history and science fiction. To point being, for you students, is to look beyond the catalog and course numbers to see what we're offering. You never know what we might be working on.

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