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SBU History Newsletter no. 5 (Year 17)


YEAR 17, NO. 5 5 DECEMBER 2011


1991 History Grad as Guest Speaker

Recently I have become reacquainted with a History major who graduated in 1991. He is James I. McAuley. After leaving St. Bonaventure, he attended law school and then pursued a career that took him to various places around the country. In 2005 he decided to return to his roots, and he opened a private law practice in Franklinville. Among other things, he is the attorney for five towns in this area. In the first conversation that we’ve had in twenty years, Mr. McAuley mentioned how valuable his History courses were in preparing him for a professional career. He volunteered to come to talk to current students about the practical values of a liberal arts education. Tomorrow, Tuesday, the 6th, he will visit my Research Methods class. This class starts at 11:30 am in Plassmann 310. There are seats for extra people. If you wish to come, please join us.

Moving Map of the United States
If you go to the following link you will find a nifty ten-minute crash course in the history of the United States. The map of the country continually changes as the boundaries broaden to include more territories. Very interesting, even for those who are not History majors. Go to: .
Holiday Quiz
1. What color is Santa's belt?
a) red b) black c) white d) gold
2. What were Frosty-the-Snowman's last words?
a) I hate you, Mr. Sun.
b) I'm melting!
c) I'll be back someday.
d) It's too darned hot.
3. Which Christmas song contains the line, "Sing, choir of angels, sing in exultation"?
a) Silent Night
b) O Come, All Ye Faithful
c) The First Noel
d) Joy to the World
4. On what day of the year do holiday sales peak?
a) the day after Thanksgiving
b) the Saturday before Christmas
c) the day before Christmas
d) the day after Christmas
5. In "A Charlie Brown Christmas" who builds a gray snowman?
a) Charlie Brown b) Lucy c) Pigpen d) Linus
6. How many "geese-a-laying" did my true love give to me?
a) six b) seven c) eight d) nine
7. What did the Grinch use to pull his sleigh?
a) one sickly reindeer b) his dog c) 6 giant snails d) 8 of the Whos from Whoville
8. What do they call their Christmas gift bringer in Chile?
a) Senor Santa b) El Claus c) Old Man Christmas (in Spanish) d) they don't celebrate Christmas in Chile
9. In Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," what song does the caroler sing outside Scrooge's office?
a) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
b) Silent Night
c) Deck the Halls
d) Jingle Bells
10. Which state has a city named "Santa Claus"?
a) Alaska b) Colorado c) Indiana d) North Dakota
Scroll down for the answers.
Cure for End-of-the-Semester Tensions
All of us feel a little overworked and tense right about this point in the semester. Students are rushing to complete projects and preparing for final exams. Professors are getting ready to read all those papers and tabulate final grades. I have a remedy that is sure to relieve some of those tensions. As you walk across campus, take a detour into the Quick Center for the Arts. Spend a few minutes in the peaceful surroundings, soaking up all the beauty of our permanent collections and the temporary exhibits. One of the new exhibits is geared both to history and the holidays. There you will see a display of Christmas cards that have been mailed by a long list of US Presidents. Enjoy.


Dr. Payne

If you know our department's Dr. Payne, you might wish to give him a special good-bye at the end of this semester. He will be on sabbatical leave next semester. He hopes to complete the draft of a new book, which concerns the economy of the United States in the 1920s He will return to campus next fall. In the meantime, I will serve as acting chair in his absence.

This is the final newsletter of the year. Best wishes to all for a successful end to the semester and a great start to the new year. Remember that the best way to make yourself happy at this time of year is to make others happy.
Quiz answers: 1 b; 2 c; 3 b; 4 b; 5 c; 6 a; 7 b; 8 c; 9 a; 10 c.

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