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SBU History Newsletter no. 8 (Year 17)


YEAR 17, NO. 8 11 MARCH 2012

St. Bonaventure University has had many legendary figures during its more than 150 years of existence. One of the best was Father Irenaeus, who devoted 50 years of his life to serving as library director and university archivist. Bona students today know of Irenaeus as a mountain retreat, and thus it is good to remind them of the gentle spirit after whom it is named. "Irenaeus" comes from the word for "peace." Father Irenaeus was the personification of that word. Those on campus who are old enough to have known him will never forget his quiet, generous spirit and his ever cheerful disposition.

The Department of History is proud to announce the opening of a new exhibit in the Quick Center for the Arts. The exhibit is entitled "World War II Through a Soldier’s Eyes." This exhibit was created by senior History major Diana Phalon. This project constitutes her Honors Program capstone. In the exhibit she tries to convey the feeling of what war was like for an ordinary soldier. To achieve this sense of immediacy she has included oral histories from some World War II veterans, plus pictures, weapons, parachutes, uniforms, ribbons, medals, and other artifacts. To celebrate the opening of this exhibit the department will sponsor a reception in the Quick Center atrium at 6:30 tomorrow evening–that is, on Monday the 12th. Everyone is invited to attend. The exhibit will be on display in the Branch Family Gallery until 12 April.
1. According to an internal email message that was leaked to the press last week, the clothing chain Abercrombie & Fitch regularly told its employees to do this after they made mistakes:
a) Have a "time out" in the changing room.
b) Do pushups and squats.c) Hand over their iPhones.d) Wear unflattering sweatpants.
2. According to a recent news analysis by CNN, the world’s next superpower is likely to be:
a) China b) India c) United Arab Emirates d) Canada
3. The latest fashion in workout technology involves .... what?
a) Zip filesb) Zero insertion force socketsc) Zettabyte storage chipsd) Zombies
4. Critics are saying that a controversial new law in Utah makes it a crime to do .... what?
a) Buy cigarettesb) Act sexyc) Drink beerd) Think different
5. Vice President Joe Biden recently went to the defense of his boss after GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum called Barack Obama a ... what?
a) a socialistb) a Slytherinc) a snobd) a sartorial nightmare in a double-breasted suit
If you have not checked out our department’s blog recently, you should do so soon. Among other things, you will find a long entry by Diana Phalon in which she describes in more detail how an internship got her interested in World War II. You will also find some posts by graduating seniors who discuss what their four years at St. Bonaventure have been like.
If you need a quick refresher in History in preparation for final exams, check out this video. It covers the period 1911-2011 in ten minutes.
1. b. Male employees were made to do pushups. Female employees to do squats.2. d. The idea that Canada could become a world power is, of course, absurd, given its stable democratic government, vast natural resources, reliable currency, low crime rate, national health insurance, and .......wait, why do we make fun of Canada again?
3, d. The new iPhone app entitled "Zombies, Run!" has been a runaway hit since its release last month. The app is designed to be played while you’re out running and features audio "missions" in which scripted bits motivate you to keep going. For example, by describing the zombies who are right on your tail.
4. b. Opponents of an amendment to Utah’s prostitution laws say the new rules are overly broad and could conceivably make "acting sexy" a criminal offense.
5. c. Santorum termed President Obama a snob for calling on every American to attend college. "I don’t think it’s between the parties," Biden said. "I think there is an ideological divide between Rick Santorum and all of America on this." Santorum, who got his bachelor’s degree at Penn State, his MBA at Pitt, and his law degree at Dickinson School of Law, has not yet responded. Apparently Santorum’s remarks were a toned-down version of his original speech, in which he said not only that college was for snobs, but that libraries are un-American, reading books is "a little showy," and God hates English majors.

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