Monday, April 22, 2013

Jared Kausner, a SBU History Alum, Returns to Bonaventure

Jared Kausner (right) with Matt Dirisio, another SBU History Alum.
Jared Kausner graduated from SBU in 2008 with BA in History as well as a commission as a Second Lieutenant that he received through the SBU ROTC program.  After leaving Bonaventure, Jared spent four years working with the Army in various assignments, including a combat tour to Afghanistan.  Throughout his time in the Army, Jared was always using the analytical skills that the SBU History Department had taught him.  The ability to research effectively, come to sound conclusions, and cite examples are all valuable skills that are unique to students of History and were critical to Jared’s success in the military.  In late 2012, Jared reverted to the Army National Guard where he continues to serve his country.  In March 2013, Jared returned to St. Bonaventure where he serves as the Assistant Professor of Military Science for the Army ROTC Program.

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