Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Introducing Our Incoming History Majors, Part II: Jesson Wolfe

Jesson, left, with Mr. Cote and his best friend Mitch Cote
My name is Jesson Wolfe, and I am a history major from Rochester, New York. I went to Penfield High School (PHS) and graduated with the class of 2017. I played baseball for PHS all four years of high school, and we won sectionals in my junior year. I have two sisters, named Tempest and Lexi. Both are half sisters from my parents’ previous marriages. My mom and I both work at a super-charged grocery store called Wegmans. My dad passed away in 2011 due to cancer. I want to get my history degree from St. Bonaventure while minoring in secondary education and hopefully go on to become a high school history teacher.
My United States History teacher, Mrs. Crystal, inspired me to want to be a history teacher myself. She taught with a passion that I had never seen before, and it really helped me gain an interest in what she taught. She got through to her students unlike any teacher I have ever had. I saw how teaching was supposed to be done, the effect a good teacher can have on someone, and what I truly wanted to do with my life.
            I don't like to get my work done ahead of deadlines, however; I often find myself completing assignments the night before they are due. I am typically a neat person. I love to have fun with my friends, watch sports, and play video games. I like to read but am finding out quickly that I don’t like to read as much as I am assigned. I chose St. Bonaventure University because of all of the great things I have heard about it, as well as the unrivaled sense of community that comes with being a Bonnie!

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