Friday, January 31, 2014

Studying European History with Dr. Horowitz (Daniel Leopold)

After studying history throughout my life in the United States, I’ve come to realize that our approach to history is America-centric. Even when studying World or European history, all events are filtered through an American lens, almost as if the world functions as a reaction to what we do. Such a geopolitical vacuum does not exist. The beauty of one class in particular that I am taking, “Europe Since 1815”, is that it completely challenges this misconception. Focusing on the dynamic events in history during that specific time and space period, its lens is not tinted with red, white, and blue, but rather targets what the title of the course promises.

Just as animated as the events the course studies is its professor, Dr. Joel Horowitz. His flyaway hair and quirky ties only begin to display the amount of passion he pours into his lectures. Fully invested in the content, he strolls back and forth along the first couple rows of the middle aisle, swaying and lifting his hands to the rhythm of his booming voice. If you aren’t already giving him your attention by this point, his thunderous “umms” will set your mind on course.

This blend of unique historical precision and a passionate and intelligent professor are what makes “Europe Since 1815” a very exciting class. 

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