Saturday, March 7, 2015

Game On

Join us March 20 in the basement of Friedsam Library where we'll be playing board and/or tabletop games starting at 2:30.  Since  we're going to be playing board games, it wouldn't be a complete experience without ordering pizza.  So stop by, role some dice and eat a slice.  This is a relaxed event, so if you can't be there at 2:30 that's okay.  We'll have a several games going so folks can hop in or head out as need be.

Why are we doing this?

This semester Leah Brownstein, Dennis Frank, and I have been exploring the academic side of games and how games can be applied in the classroom and history.  We're planning how students enrolled in History 206:  Intro to Public History (Fall 2015) can build games themed around the collection of the New York 154th Regiment.

There is a long history (get it?) of historically themed games.  Oregon Trail anyone?  Of course, video games have exploded and with that the historical trend has continued.  Assassin's Creed?  In recent years board games have made a comeback (more fun to play as a group in person?).  Gamification has also emerged out of primarily video games, which is using game elements for non-game purposes.  Even if you haven't heard of gamification you have seen it, almost anytime you get on the web and see a leader board, badge, patch, or similar thing.  LinkedInn has them.  Obviously, Facebook not only uses gamification but also has a lot of games available.  What I haven't figured out is how Angry Birds relates to history.  Yet.

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