Monday, July 20, 2015

Minecraft in the Classroom & ComputerCraftEdu

The blog has been pretty quite this summer, mostly because it is summer.  In some ways its downtime and in other ways it is time to do the the behind the scenes stuff that makes a university work.  I just finished with page proofs - important but not very interesting to anyone but me and my publisher.  I'm also planning for the fall.  As many know, I've been looking for ways spruce up the Public History class; to that end I've been looking at Minecraft.  This isn't as crazy as it sounds.  Minecraft has launched an educational arm and is showing up in the K-12 system.  Check out "Using Minecraft as a Learning Tool" for more on that.  The video is from the Minecraftedu YouTube channel.  I also need to thank various people who have been sending me articles about this.  Pretty cool.

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