Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Meet New History Major Jeremiah Horrigan

            Hello, my name is Jeremiah Horrigan and I am a freshman studying history at Saint Bonaventure. So far, I really like it here and have met some really good people. I was born in the southern part of Buffalo, which is a very Irish neighborhood and I like to take pride in that. I attended Bishop Timon in that neighborhood and a lot of my good friends from Bonas did as well. I am big on sports and politics and my favorite teams include the Bills, the Sabres, The Red Sox, and Notre Dame football. I chose history as my major for college for a variety of reasons. The major reason I did is because I’ve always had an interest in it and I’ve found it to be the most compelling to me. Another reason is that it’s my best subject and I’ve never had a problem with it. The final reason that I chose it is because it is one of the most highly recommended majors for law school. There are a lot of things I like to focus on in history but two of them go above and beyond the others. The first one is the Industrial Revolution. I find this subject to be very compelling and I really enjoy reading about Andrew Carnegie. Also, the Industrial Revolution is when Buffalo really took off as a city that plays a role as well. Another subject I enjoy is Irish History. I took a class in high school that focused on Irish History topics like the Easter uprising and Brian Boru and it was a great class. I have many goals and hopes here at Bonas and I look forward to trying to accomplish as many as possible. First of all, I’d like to maintain a high GPA, as well as meet new people and make new friends. Also, I’d like to learn as much as possible and become very knowledgeable in as many subjects of history that I can. 

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