Monday, October 12, 2015

Meet New History Major Joseph Aldridge

My name is Joseph Aldridge, this is my freshman year at St. Bonaventure University. I live in Rochester, New York. I went to a private catholic high school by the name of Bishop Kearney High School. I attended this high school for four years, where my love for history flourished.
A major reason I chose to be a history major was that I just love the topic in general. I have to really thank my middle school teacher the most for getting me into enjoying history as much as I do. She really introduced me to American History and how fascinating it really is. I want to use my history degree and teach in secondary education. Another reason I chose to be a history major was because I can’t see myself doing anything else in the future.

I was asked to provide my favorite subject of history; for me it would have to be American History. Why American History? I favor American History so much, because I have spent the most time studying it over the years. I have also visited multiple historical sites over the years. The historical sites that I have visited include Gettysburg, Washington D.C., and Boston. Another reason I love this type of history is because I find it to be the most interesting out of all the subjects of history there is to be offered.

A dream that I have for my years here at St. Bonaventure is to graduate and receive my degree in history. A hope that I had and still have for college in general is making new friends and hopefully having them for life. A dream that I have for college is to take my knowledge and degree and receive a job back in my hometown and teach high school students history.

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