Friday, February 23, 2018

Digital History and Archival Practices at work

We're exploring apps and mobile technology in History 419:  Digital History and Archival Practices.  Students hard at work building a prototype app.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Humanities Grads and Careers

Inside Higher Ed, in Shocker:  Humanities Grads Gainfully Employed and Happy, reports on a new study. 

Although humanities majors are often depicted as being on the fast-track to a career as a barista, according to the story a "a study being released today by the American Academy of Arts & Sciences -- based on data from the U.S. Census and other government sources, plus Gallup polling of workers nationwide -- challenges the myth of the underemployed, unhappy humanities graduate.

The report doesn't contest that those who majored in engineering or natural sciences earn more, on average, than do humanities graduates do. But it shows humanities grads to be gainfully employed and holding positions of authority, and finds that only a slightly smaller share of them than of their better-paid counterparts think they have enough money. When it comes to measures of career satisfaction, humanities grads are as satisfied as those who majored in STEM."

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Chautauqua Scholars Program

This prestigious scholarship will be awarded to select students who indicate a rationale for a desired week of study at Chautauqua Institution in the summer of 2018.
St. Bonaventure University and Chautauqua Institution engage in hands-on instruction and civil dialogue that lead toward a deeper understanding of the world around us and the dynamic and complex relationships that cause conflict, but that also lead us forward as a society.  The Chautauqua Scholars program will create an intersection between these institutions, leading to deeper insight to not only understand the civic role we play, but to become leaders and designers, aiming at a better and more inclusive American experience for all.  This program will put students in contact with the nation and the world’s leading experts in their interested fields of study.  By choosing the week to attend, students will immerse themselves in the topic of their choice, thereby playing a role in curating a transformational educational experience.

The program scholarships will include:
Cost of week-long programming at Chautauqua (gate pass)
Housing for the week
Master classes and programming with keynote speakers

Application Procedure:
Student must provide: academic standing, and a letter of nomination from a faculty member who will serve as an off-site mentor during their study at CI (stipend provided).  A two-page summary of the student’s interest in the topic and content will also be considered.

The student will receive one credit of internship or independent study.  Depending on the week chosen and work agreed upon, it may be possible to complete the “W” or “D” designations for their General Education requirements.  Students and faculty mentors will be responsible for satisfying designation requirements for the week at Chautauqua if proposed.  Honors students, with the support of their Honors advisor and the Honors Program director, may utilize the week at CI to complete their required “Honors Experience” or could use the time to develop their Honors project necessary for their Honors degree.