Friday, September 19, 2014

Introducing Our Incoming History Majors: Amanda Brogan

I am Amanda Brogan and I’m from Syracuse, NY. I went to Bishop Ludden Jr./Sr. High School which had a class of 58 students; the entire school has about 320 In school I played both Varsity basketball (I was a shooting forward as my coach liked to call it) and softball (I was mainly an outfielder but also played 1st, 2nd catcher). I was a part of the theater department, participating in the dramas and musicals. I was Student Council Public Relations and on the yearbook and prom staff. Our school was very supportive of our boys’ basketball team, they were the State Champions in 2012 and have made the finals the last two years. We had a student section called the Bird’s Nest and we were voted the best student section in our division. We all worked hard carpooling to games, making posters and coming up with themes for each game.

I chose to study history because it has always been my favorite subject. I always enjoyed learning about it asn I’m nt exactly sure why. All of my friends thought it was boring but I just like learning the different sides to the stories. There is always something a winner and a loser and there is always two different stories. I feel like a detective sometimes going over all the “evidence” leading up to a war or a revolution. I specifically enjoy learning from the Roaring Twenties to Post-WWII. My fascination with WWII grew even more when I went on a WWII Europe trip and visited Germany, Luxemburg, France, Belgium and London. I have always wanted to be a History teacher so I plan to pursue a career in History and Education.

I came to St. Bonaventure University because it was the first school that I liked. I never leave home, my family or my dog. I knew I would just have to pick somewhere because I needed to go to college to become a teacher. I still feel that way sometimes but St. Bonaventure is very homey, it makes everything more comfortable.

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