Thursday, October 24, 2013

Around Town: Dan's Stories for the BV

St. Bonaventure, to the community of both Olean and Allegany, is an integral part of both their commerce and notoriety. Students shopping for groceries in town pump money into the local economy. Students getting good grades place Bonaventure, as well as the surrounding area, on the national map. You can’t go more than a block down the main streets without seeing some sort of Bonaventure poster or sign. The vitality this university brings stretches far beyond the campus.
            So what, then, would be a good way to help the relationship between Bonaventure and the local community? That’s where my weekly newspaper articles come in. My job requires that I go out into the local community and see what fun and different experiences they offer students. Whether it is flying high above the tress in Ellicottville’s “Sky High Ropes Course” or getting a food-induced coma at Portville’s “Sprague’s Maple Farms”, I have gone to an array of places less than 30 minutes away from St. Bonaventure.
            Next time you are sitting in your bed wondering what the heck to do on a Saturday afternoon, look no further than the last issue of the BonaVenture newspaper. Grab some of your friends, have a good time, and, most of all, promote the Bonaventure image while giving back to the community!

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